Fika: Swedish High Tea

Because Carla’s Conditorie is Scandinavian, we call our high tea a Fika. A fika is a coffee break. Traditionally the Swedes have a fika twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon. At work, everyone will take a break to have coffee together. At home, a fika can last for hours and usually it includes something homemade. At Carla’s Conditorie you get lots of homemade treats, both sweet and savoury, along with coffee or tea free of choice.

You can choose between a stor fika (large high tea) and a liten fika (small high tea), see the different options below. Everything we put on the table is either vegetarian or vegan. Do you have any dietary requirements? Let us know and we will try our best. Take all the leftovers home for later, because we rather don’t throw away food!

Want to make sure there is a spot for you or are you coming with a large group? Please make a reservation so we can prepare ourselves for your arrival.

High tea / fika bij Carla's Conditorie in Utrecht
Stor fika


21,00 per person (starting from 2)

Per person you’ll get:
Two small pieces of cake
Two cookies
Two smushi’s
One choco ball
Two hot drinks
One juice

Scone met jam en clotted cream bij Carla's Conditorie in Utrecht
Liten Fika


14,50 per person

Per person you’ll get:
Two small pieces of cake
One cookies
One smushi’s
One hot drinks

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“Mocht ik 1 souvenir kunnen meenemen dan was het Carla’s Conditorie. Ook al past het niet in mijn valies. Twee dagen op rij zijn we voor heerlijke koffie en gebak bij Carla langs gegaan. Geen tijd genoeg om alles te proeven, maar wat ik geproefd heb was zo zot lekker, niet normaal. Onze vakantie Utrecht voelde met dit vleugje Zweden supergeslaagd. En ik zal nog lang dromen over de Mocca meringue, chocoladetaart, bosbessentaart en de koekjes die jammer genoeg al op zijn.” – Ingeborg M op Tripadvisor

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